• Tracker Rules

    1. When opening any report, provide as much information and evidence as possible so that we can reproduce and correct the problem.
    2. If possible, add images and / or videos reproducing the reported problem.
    3. When reporting problems with specific files, provide location information for the reported file.
    4. When reporting any and all problems, fill in all the fields required to open a new report, all information is necessary to reproduce the possible problem.
    5. In case of doubt, attach all the necessary logs for verification: DataServer and GameServer


    • New = Newly reported issue, confirmation voting enabled
    • Pending = More information is required to process the report
    • Resolved = The issue has been resolved and the resolution will be available in the next version.
    • Assigned = Report has been confirmed and assigned to developer for fixing as shortly as possible
    • Closed = The report has been closed due selection of reasons, e.g. cannot reproduce, not a bug or requested info has not been provided
    • Duplicate = The issue is already reported or duplicates another report, review reported issues for more details
    • Suspended = The issue is unfixable at present

    Recalling that we do not have any kind of link with the emulators in question. All published reports that can be solved by us will be solved, corrections that depend on a new compilation will be reported to the EMULATOR developers.