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  1. Hello mutizens, Through this I come to inform you that we have an exclusive promotion for annual subscriptions. Aiming at the client's best convenience, the promotion was attended to after several requests on our website. Servers working in the promotion: # Canada [Host] # France [Host] # Singapore [Host] When you hire one of our annual plans, receive 1 domain for your project and a cloud server valid for 2 months free of charge.
  2. [DRAW DGS - HOSTING] Hello dear DGS Team members & customers, I hereby inform you that we at DGS Hosting will hold a special draw for existing members and customers of the DGS Team. The draw will only be carried out if we achieve the goals described in this topic achieved. [TARGETS FOR ACHIEVEMENT] # 50 new members in our community # 50 likes in our publication (community) # 50 likes in our publication (facebook) 😉 [HOW TO PARTICIPATE] To participate in this draw, the user must have an active and confirmed account at the DGS Team
  3. [Sorteio DGS – Hosting ] Olá caros membros & clientes DGS Team, Por meio deste venho comunicá-los que nós do DGS Hosting realizaremos um sorteio especial para membros e clientes existentes do DGS Team. O sorteio somente será realizado caso obtivermos as metas descritas neste tópico alcançadas. [Metas para realização] # 50 novos membros em nossa comunidade # 50 likes em nossa publicação (comunidade) # 50 likes em nossa publicação (facebook) 😉 [Como participar] Para participar deste sorteio o usuário terá que ter uma conta ativa e co