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  1. Hi,

    I bought the script to make characters start with items, unfortunatelly non of my accounts seems to exist anymore so I created this new one. I would also want to update the script to s16.


    1. Keeper


      Yes, we know that you are one of our customers.
      We had our forum redefined to insert improvements and an official IPB license.
      To update your itinerary just access your invoices: Orders - DGS - Team
      After payment we will provide your access to the script already updated for season 16

    2. Supay


      I bought the script for around ~120 USD in season 14 and paid a 35 USD fee to update it to season 15, why the fee to update it from s15 to s16 is 100 euros? Are you charging me an update fee or the entire script again?

    3. Keeper



      There have been major changes in the procedure because of this.
      The update value has also been changed.