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[Terms of contract & services]

Dear customer,
The DGS Game group comes to clarify each and every type of service provided by us.
It is worth mentioning that we do not have any type of link with the companies that supply their respective emulators.
Our company is solely responsible for our actions and our developments.
However, it is worth remembering that all the resources and customizations made available in our community are exclusively our autonomy.
Therefore, through this we clarify our existing contractual terms.

[Hiring terms]

  1. • I am aware that the DGS is not responsible for the misuse of files and customizations.
  2. • I am aware that the DGS is not responsible for the results that have occurred in its respective projects.
  3. • I am aware that the DGS is not responsible for the partial or total loss of investment in their respective projects.
  4. • I am aware that the DGS will not make any kind of refunds and / or partial and / or total reimbursement of the amounts paid for services under one condition.
  5. • I am aware that DGS will provide continuous updates to customers who keep their respective subscriptions always active.
  6. • I am aware that the DGS will charge a symbolic fee for the provision of customization and / or similar services every 30 days.
  7. • I am aware that the DGS will suspend the necessary access to the community in case of non-payment of monthly fees for maintaining the community and / or providing the updates offered.
  8. • I am aware that the DGS will provide updates according to the updates uploaded from the emulators offered in the community.
  9. • I am aware that the DGS does not have any links and / or source codes for the emulators offered in the community.
  10. • I am aware that the DGS will block my access in case of non-compliance with the rules mentioned in the contract terms and conditions.

[ Rules ]

  1. • Do not provide access and or any type of data to third parties, be it a partner and or a family member (We are not responsible for data loss)
  2. • Not to publish and / or resell our services under any condition without the necessary permissions for such purposes.
  3. • Do not share any files configured by the DGS under any conditions (Failure to comply with this RULE will result in a ban and or even total exclusion of the customer involved)
  4. • Do not provide about or a condition access and or information from our update notice to third parties and / or the like.

[Forum rules]

  1. • Do not publish bad words and or direct and / or indirect offenses to our customers and members
  2. • Do not use images referring to pornography, religions and the like about any condition.
  3. • Use our search engine whenever necessary, to avoid publications and or span topics.
  4. • Use our system of calls (support) whenever you hear any questions regarding the services provided by us.
  5. • Do not disclose and or refer to other communities whose same has the same labor purposes.
  6. • Do not post offensive messages about race, sexual orientation and / or similar
  7. • When creating any type of topic, always be very specific in your respective messages from titles and or descriptions of your request.


The rules and terms are determined and improved without any prior notice.
It is impressive that every member and or customer accepts our conditions and rules

Kind regards,

Marco Junior (Keeper)
DGS Team Game Services!

DGS - Team, Jose Fermino Cerra, Sumaré, São Paulo, 13172-320

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