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  • Our picks

    • [ News ] Promotion for premium hosting annual cycle
      Hello mutizens,
      Through this I come to inform you that we have an exclusive promotion for annual subscriptions.
      Aiming at the client's best convenience, the promotion was attended to after several requests on our website.
      Servers working in the promotion:

      # Canada [Host]
      # France [Host]
      # Singapore [Host]

      When you hire one of our annual plans, receive 1 domain for your project and a cloud server valid for 2 months free of charge.
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    • Custom Game Client ( 16 P1-3 )
      Patch note:

      Version: [ # 1.00.0 # ]

      [ # 1.00.0 improvement game cliente Season16 1-3 # ]

      [+]; Improved client game performance
      [+]; Reduced the size of all images and ozt files
      [+]; Reduced the size of all ozj images and files
      [+]; Reduced the size of all ozg files and images
      [+]; Reduction in the total size of each client game folder
      [+]; Full size client size reduction (Client with sound effects to: 800 MB)
      [+]; Reduced client size lite version (Client without sound effects to: 497 MB)
      [+]; Total improvement in the game client and its folders
      [+]; Added season 16 features 1-3
      [+]; Added all game items and files - client season 16 1-3 (latest version)
      [+]; Removed all files from previous versions. ( Not used in latest version )
      [+]; Checked each new interface in use with main.exe
      [+]; Improved FPS autonomy.

      IGCN Release:
    • Custom Package (x16 P1-2)
      Custom Package x16 1-2:

      [ Patch - note ]

      [ # 1.00.0 # ]

      [+]; Added full support for the new character for the current EventItemBags
      [+]; All our customizations applied to the new season 16 game client
      [+]; Added full support for the new character and their respective awards at events
      [+]; Completed the addition of LuckTicket equipment for the new character...
      [+]; Updated RuudShop to new version 16 season
      [+]; Updated BonusEffect and BuffEffect lang.mpr
      [+]; Added NPC Marce skills to the new Gun Crusher character
      [+]; Fixed harmony options for new items Gun Crushers character ( In some times this options not working )
      [+]; Fixed Ancient options for new items Gun Crusher character ( In some times this options not working )
      [+]; Fixed problema when trying to move bettween servers
      [+]; Fixed on creating and editing gun crusher
      [+]; Fixed 1st bug found on the cliente - season16
      [+]; Fixed gameserver market disconnecting users after move

      IGCN version:
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    • [ News ] Custom package v2.00x
      Hello dear customers,
      Through this I come to inform you that we are working on constant improvements in the packages offered by us.
      Aiming at a better quality of service, we are starting a new phase of configurations and improvements in our package where we will have as main objective to bring news and improve our organization structure.
      We are also working on different package versions based on large servers and global servers.
      Wide, ready-to-use configurations.
      During this process, customers continued to receive our updates and support as always provided.

      How will this package differ from the current package?
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    • 📣 Maintenance and improvements carried out read-me
      Prezado cliente,

      É com grande prazer que venho através de este comunicá-los que nossa comunidade recentemente passou por uma grande manutenção, onde o intuito desta manutenção era aperfeiçoar nossos serviços e trazer um novo padrão de organização.

      Continue on the topico....

      Marco Junior (Keeper)

      DGS Team Game Services!
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